Stress Center Research

Dr. Jeff Ashby and The Stress Center research team is currently working on numerous projects at different stages of publication. The following articles will give you a sense of his research:

  1. Kira, I., Ashby, J.S., & Zomidy, A. (in press). Current, continuous, and cumulative trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (CCC-TF-CBT). Journal of Mental Health Counseling.
  2. Gnilka, P., Ashby, J., Matheny, K., Chung, Y., & Chang, Y. (2015). A cross-cultural comparison of coping resources, perceived stress, and life satisfaction between Taiwanese and U.S. college students. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 37, 234-249.
  3. Davis, D.E., Ashby, J.S., Hook, J.N., & McElroy, S. (2014). Religious coping, coping resources, and depression: Test of a mediation model. Counseling and Values, 59: 139-154.
  4. Schwenke, T., Ashby, J.S., & Gnilka, P.B. (2014). Sign language interpreters and burnout: The effects of perfectionism, perceived stress, and coping resources. International Journal of Research and Practice in Interpreting, 16, 209-232.
  5. Kira, I., Lewandowski, L., Ashby, J.S., Somers, C., Chiodo, L., & Odenat, L. (2014). Does bullying victimization suppress IQ? The effects of bullying victimization on IQ in Iraqi and African American adolescents: A traumatology perspective. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma, 23, 431-453.
  6. Kira, I., Lewandowski, L., Ashby, J. S., Templin, T. Ramaswamy, V., & Mohanesh, J. (2014). The traumatogenic dynamics of internalized stigma of mental illness among Arab Americans, Muslims, and refugee clients. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 1-17.
  7. Kira, I., Omidy, A.Z., & Ashby, J.S. (2014). Cumulative trauma, appraisal and coping in Palestinian and American Indian adults: Two cross-cultural studies. Traumatology, 14, 1-15.
  8. Noble, C.M., Ashby, J.S., & Gnilka, P.B. (2014). Multidimensional Perfectionism, coping, and depression: Differential prediction of depression symptoms by perfectionism type. Journal of College Counseling, 17, 80-94.
  9. Kira., I., Ashby, J.S., Lewandowski, Alawneh, A.W.N., Mohanesh, J., & Odenat, L. (2013). Advances in continuous traumatic stress theory: Traumatogenic dynamics and consequences of intergroup conflict: The Palestinian adolescents’ case. Psychology, 4, 396-409.
  10. Kira, I.A., Aboumediene, S., Ashby, J.S., Odenat, L., Mohanesh, J. & Alamia, H. (2013). The dynamics of post-traumatic growth across different trauma types in a Palestinian sample. Journal of Loss and Trauma: International Perspectives on Stress and Coping, 18, 120-139.
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