Training School Psychologists to Provide Multi-level Interventions for Non-Responders (MINRS)

MINRS helps recruit, prepare and graduate high quality school psychologists

MINRS works with overlooked groups of high-needs students who come from particular groups. These groups involve race, national origin, gender, age and disability. These students are in grades K-12 from the metro Atlanta area.

MINRS offers classroom instruction and field experiences.

The Department of Counseling and Psychology’s School Psychology program received the MINRS grant.

Principal Investigators:

MINRS provides effective behavioral and mental health services that help high-need students. Target students generally do not respond to current instruction and interventions.

Graduate students who participate in MINRS receive the following:

  • $6925/year stipend
  • $300/semester for books and intervention material
  • $300 for a flight to the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) conference
  • $600 for NASP conference  registration, per diem, and hotel

For each year that students receive MINRS funding, students must work two years in populations where 51% of the students have disabilities.

How to get involved: You must apply with Dr. Stephen Truscott.

Our Mission


We will…

  • Recruit, prepare and graduate high quality school psychologists
  • Recruit candidates from groups that have traditionally been underrepresented based on:
    • race
    • color
    • national origin
    • gender
    • age
    • disability
  • Provide effective behavioral and mental health services to diverse high-need students who are not responding to current instruction and interventions

How We’ll Do It


We will…

  • Provide classroom instruction and field-based experiences that result in competence to provide:
    • We’ll provide support for individual high–need students with disabilities who need targeted behavioral intervention
    • We’ll provide support using data-based individualization and evidence-based mental health interventions.
    • We’ll provide class-wide and group interventions that facilitate and support positive outcomes for high-need students receiving targeted individualized interventions and their peers.
    • We’ll provide professional development and consultative support for special and general education teachers as they implement data-based individualization and evidence-supported interventions with students in their classrooms.

Our Goals


We hope to provide…

  • support for individual high–need students with disabilities. These students need specific behavioral intervention.
  • support using proven individual intervention.
  • support using proven mental health interventions.
  • support the use of class-wide and group interventions.
  • support positive outcomes for high-need students.
  • support special and general education teachers’ professional development and advisement.
  • support students with proven individual help and interventions.