Practicum-Internship Information

In order to gain practical field experience each master’s student must complete a practicum and internship in consecutive Fall and Spring semesters.

CMH Practicum Internship Handbook 2018-2019

CREH Practicum Internship Handbook 2017-2018; 2018-2019

SCO Practicum Internship Handbook 2017-2018; 2018-2019

Step 1 — Read the Practicum/Internship handbook
Step 2 — Attend Practicum/Internship Orientation
Step 3 — Submit Practicum Application

Step 4 — Complete Practicum Site Information Form (upon notification of acceptance)
Step 5 — Submit Insurance to Lydia Stewart, Administrative Specialist

Master's students, regardless of program, and EDS School Psychology students are required to attend a practicum-internship orientation prior to starting their practicum-internship sequence. Students must attend the entire session. Students should sign-in at the session. Program Coordinators or faculty members will be conducting the session. Please direct all practicum-internship questions to Dr. Orr for CMH, Dr. Gilbride for CREH, or Dr. Perkins for SPS.
 Date and Time Program Location Registration
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 4:00pm  to 7:00pm CMH CEHD 1030 Register here
Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 10:00am to 12:00pm REH CEHD 977 Register here
TBA SCO CEHD 1025 Registration not required
TBA MED SPS TBA Registration not required
TBA EDS SPS TBA Registration not required
There is NO internship orientation for EDS School Counseling students hoping to take CPS 8661. Please review the EDS SCO handbook, and direct all questions to the instructor of CPS 8661.

Apply for the practicum/internship sequence by submitting Form 1000:Application for Practicum and Internship by the posted deadline date. It is not required to have a practicum site secured to submit an application. You are responsible for finding a field placement site.  Use the approved CPS Practicum-Internship Site Listings sheet below to start searching for sites. You should begin looking for sites no later than the early part of the Spring semester prior to practicum. If a site does not appear in the approved site list, an application for site approval must be originated by you. The site you select must be able to fulfill the following training requirements: Guidelines for Becoming an Approved Practicum/Internship Site for Georgia State University’s Mental Health Program . Approval for any site that is not listed must be initiated by March 23, 2018. You need to submit Form 1002: New Site Approval Application Form. Once an approved site has been secured you need to submit Form 1003: Practicum/Internship Site Information Form. We recommend that you consider the following when selecting a site:
  • The type of work you may be involved in.
  • The type of client population you will be working with.
  • Convenience of transportation to the site.
  • What and how many hours you will be working.
  • Who would be supervising you and how much supervision you would be receiving.
  • Additional activities the agency may require of students and possible in-service training opportunities.
  • Ability to tape your counseling sessions for purposes of supervision.
  • Whether you will be able to lead/co-lead a group.
  • How many semesters you are expected to be involved with the agency (some agencies leave this up to the student, but most require at least two semesters and some require a one year commitment).
  • If insurance coverage is required.
It is critical that you contact previous students who have completed field work at the sites you are investigating. These students can provide invaluable information regarding their experiences and perceptions of the strengths and weaknesses of the site, changing conditions, and tips regarding supervision.  The CPS staff member assigned to P/I can provide you with names of students who previously interned at your chosen site. Changing sites after you have begun fieldwork is discouraged but sometimes necessary. When this is initiated by the student, on-site supervisor, or the GSU supervisor, departmental procedures are to be followed.  A Form 1005: Change of Site Form must be completed and submitted to the GSU supervisor (CPS 7660/7663 or CPS 7280 instructor) for approval. If you apply or register for the practicum/internship sequence and then decide not to enter the course, you must fill out a Form 1001: Practicum/Internship Postponement Form.

Mental Health and Rehabilitation Students:

Practicum CPS 7660 or 7663 Fall mini-mester 1 (first ten weeks of fall semester)
Internship I CPS 7680 or 7683 Fall mini-mester 2 (last four weeks of fall semester)
Internship II CPS 7680 or 7683 Spring semester

School Counseling Students:

Practicum CPS 7661 Spring semester, first year
Internship I CPS 7681 Fall semester, second year
Internship II CPS 7681 Spring semester, second year

School Psychology Students:

Practicum I CPS 7662 Fall semester
Practicum II CPS 8662 Spring semester
Internship I CPS 8680 Fall semester
Internship II CPS 8680 Spring semester