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NBCC Fellowship Awards 2018

Posted On May 3, 2018
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The National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) recently revealed in a press release that several of our exemplary students have been awarded fellowships:

$11,000 Counseling Fellowship from NBCC and Affiliates Jonathan Yellowhair, second-year Clinical Mental Health Counseling student. This fellowship will provide the student with resources to support his continued education and… more »

2018 CEHD Awards

Our College has exemplary full-time faculty involved in research and education. Once a year, they join fellow CEHD faculty for a luncheon. Awards given out to faculty recognize their commitment to research and service. Check out the GSU News Hub to read about the other awards and recipients.

This year, CPS faculty Drs. more »

American Counseling Association 2018 Honorees

The American Counseling Association (ACA) announces several awards for people in our department:

2018 ACA Fellows to: Danica Hays, alumna 2002-2005, Counseling Ph.D. Professor and executive associate dean at UNLV College of Education

Glen E. Hubele National Graduate Student Award to: Melanie Varney, doctoral student in our Counselor Education and Practice program

… more »

Suicide to Hope: 8-Hour Master Training

Suicide is the 10th ranking cause of death in the U.S., and the 2nd leading cause of death for young persons.  Recent research-based estimates (Cerel, 2015) suggest that for each death by suicide, 115 people are exposed which translates to 4.7 million persons in the U.S. that are impacted by such deaths annually. Approximately one person… more »