The Inclusive Digital Expression and Literacy (IDEAL) Program offers a two-year course of study for students with mild intellectual disabilities. The IDEAL Program includes college classes, extracurricular activities and job-focused training.

The mission of IDEAL is to prepare students with intellectual disabilities with educational opportunities and job-focused training.

Our goal is to provide resources and support that lead to meaningful employment, greater independence and a higher quality of life for young people with intellectual disabilities. The IDEAL Program will leverage GSU’s resources in media and the arts, as well as our location in a global hub for journalism, music, art and design.

The Program will be novel in its focus on digital/media literacy, technology use and communication skills.

  1. IDEAL Program staff will include a program coordinator and an academic transition teacher. A vocational rehabilitation counselor will also be assigned by GVRA to support the program.
  2. Undergraduate peer mentors will attend classes with IDEAL students (as needed), support studying and completing course assignments, and help integrate IDEAL students in the campus community (campus activities, organizations, sporting events, etc.)
  3. The IDEAL Program will also have graduate assistants who assist in admissions, recruiting and supervising peer mentors, program evaluation and other necessary functions.

Applications are accepted for program admittance for the Spring 2017 semester.

Phone: 404-413-1281


IDEAL Program
Center for Healthy Development
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