Humility and the Advancement of Positive Psychology Interventions

Primary Investigator: Don E. Davis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

My research program generally falls under the umbrella of positive psychology. Our lab, composed of current graduate students, studies the virtues humility, forgiveness, and gratitude, doing both basic and applied research. We also do some work on spirituality as an aspect of diversity.

Meet Dr. Donnie Davis and hear more about his research program.

Humility in couples: We have started several longitudinal studies that bring couples into the lab. We video-tape interactions (in one we access physiological reactions) and have them complete self- and other-report measures. In one of these studies, we are specifically focused on couples where one or both partners are religious/spiritual leaders.

Microaggressions and cultural humility in psychotherapy: we are conducting a series of studies that borrow on methods of studying interpersonal offenses to study identity-related offenses that occur in counseling.

Gratitude and bullying: we are conducting a two-year study with middle school students to examine how gratitude and forgiveness are related to bullying-related outcomes.

Meta-analysis of self-forgiveness: we are working on a quantitative literature review of studies on self-forgiveness.

If you want to learn more about our work, the following articles will provide a good introduction:

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