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CPS in South Africa and Botswana

Dr. Laura Shannonhouse and Dr. Melissa Zeligman have traveled to South Africa and Botswana with a group of CPS students for a culturally immersive clinical outreach experience.  This blog chronicles their experiences abroad.  The first part of their trip is grounded in a cultural immersion in South Africa including the Apartheid Museum, SOWETO Township, and Safari… more »

Our Voices: Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling student Spenser Norris

Posted On February 22, 2017
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Spenser Norris is a second-year student in the Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling M.S. program.  She balances coursework along with institutional research, dual internships at the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency and the Center for Leadership in Disability, as well as spearheads community initiatives as President of the Rehabilitation Counseling Association.  How does… more »

Our Voices: School Psychology Student Artesia Williams

Artesia Williams is a second year student in GSU’s School Psychology Ph.D program who is conducting research around multicultural issues in School Psychology.  Artesia has had the opportunity to travel the world extensively, living and working in other countries and cultures.  She uses that experiences to shape her perspective that School Psychologists should consider culture… more »


Counselor Education & Practice Student Peeper McDonald

Peeper McDonald is a fourth year Counselor Education and Practice student who will be graduating with her Ph.D. this May.  Peeper’s research centers on marginalized and oppressed populations, specifically Multiracial individuals regarding issues of racial mislabeling, discrimination, identity, and color-blind racial ideology.   During her time here at CPS, she has won a number awards and… more »