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About Us

Counseling and Psychological Services offers nine degree programs in counseling.

Four master’s (M.S. and M.Ed.) programs:

Two specialist in education (Ed.S.) programs:

Three doctoral (Ph.D.) programs:

Based on our commitment to diversity, advocacy and the belief that change is possible, our mission is to prepare competent professionals in counseling and psychological services to contribute to the body of knowledge that under girds these professions and to provide service to the profession and the community.

We prepare you for a career

You might find employment in settings such as rehabilitation clinics, public and private schools, correction agencies, colleges and universities, and mental health facilities. A concerted effort is devoted to providing you with the knowledge and skills to work successfully in these particular environments.

We also conduct information sessions each month where you can gain more information about our department and programs. If you have questions about the department or would like to attend an information session, please contact us at 404-413-8010, email us at, or fill in the form on the left side.